The dispatch and delivery are counted from the moment CLIMAPOWER has validated the reception of the payment, the company has a period of 5 working days to confirm availability and coordinate dispatch or pick up. In case of requesting shipment, the products are sent through a shipping institution or through CLIMAPOWER according to availability. If you choose shipment through a shipping institution, you will be given a shipment code to track in the corresponding page of the shipping institution.


Note: The customer must consider that if he/she chooses to receive his/her product(s) through a shipping institution, this will have an extra cost to the product itself, which will be governed by the prices of such company.


Products purchased through the site will be subject to the delivery options available on the site. The customer shall be responsible for the accuracy of the data delivered to CLIMAPOWER for a correct and timely delivery of the products and/or services at the domicile indicated by the customer or at the place of dispatch or delivery chosen.

The products are delivered from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm. In case there are inconveniences in the process of shipment of the product and that this has been carried out by a shipping institution, being an external problem, CLIMAPOWER will be limited in its response, therefore, it will be ruled by the policies and conditions of the shipping institution.


If CLIMAPOWER carries out the shipment and at the time of delivery there is no one to receive the order at the established destination, it will be returned to the company's warehouse and the option will be given to pick it up at the store or to coordinate a second delivery attempt. It is important that the customer is aware that he/she will have to assume these new shipping or dispatch costs.

In the event that a product is found with logistical problems such as lack of stock or last units with damaged packaging that prevent to consider the product as new from factory, we will contact the customer to offer alternative of equal or better features to see if it meets their requirements or will be consulted if this accepts to wait for new stock of the product required, in case of acceptance, we will proceed with the dispatch. If the customer does not accept, we will proceed with the cancellation of the purchase and restitution of the money.



The withdrawal period is 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product. To make use of this right the product must not have been removed from its original packaging in optimal conditions, it must be closed with its original seal, unused and in perfect conditions, with its manuals and accessories. To make effective the withdrawal the customer must give the facilities to withdraw the product having the corresponding ticket to this. If the conditions indicated in the previous point are not fulfilled, the client will not be able to make use of his right of withdrawal.

To make use of the right of withdrawal the customer must assume the costs associated with the withdrawal of the product (amount will be calculated based on the current rate at the date of the withdrawal). The right of withdrawal applies only to the return of products that have not been installed, since, once installed, these automatically become part of the installation service warranty and/or product warranty, and the procedure will be based on the provisions for such cases.


*Note: The value of the shipment will not be refunded.


In the purchases made in it will not be possible to exercise the right of withdrawal, in accordance with Art. 3° bis, letter b, law N°19496. That is to say, it will not be possible to make changes due to compatibility problems or due to the customer's dislike.


CLIMAPOWER does NOT have a voluntary satisfaction guarantee.


Changes and/or returns will only be accepted in case of errors in the description of the purchased product. In this situation please write to us at

The refund period in case of cancellation requests will be 30 working days from the arrival of the product to the company's warehouse and it has been accepted in the conditions it was received.