Make bank transfers without intermediaries, directly

Business name: CLIMAPOWER LTDA.

RUT: 76.238.459-0

Bank transfers Banco Chile, Current Account N° 1950868408

Email: contacto@climapower.cl


Webpay.cl is the Transbank payment gateway to carry out transactions from the Internet with credit and debit bank cards in an efficient and secure manner, through a Transbank website (www.webpay.cl).

A payment flow in Webpay.cl generally has the following steps:

The cardholder selects the products or services to pay for on the merchant site.

The cardholder chooses to pay with Webpay.cl where, depending on the products contracted by the business, the payment alternatives are displayed: Credit, debit and/or prepaid card.

During the payment process, the card issuer authenticates the cardholder before carrying out the financial transaction, in order to validate that the card is being used by the cardholder.

Once the authentication is resolved, the payment is authorized. Webpay.cl delivers the result of the authorization to the merchant's system.


To pay CLIMAPOWER services in Transbank Webpay.cl click here


Webpay Plus allows you to make a request for financial authorization of a payment with credit cards, debit Red purchase or prepaid cards where the person making the payment enters the merchant's site, selects products or services, and indicates the data associated with the card of the selected means of payment previously, this action is performed securely in Webpay. The merchant that receives payments through Webpay Plus is identified by a merchant code.

It is the most common type of transaction, used for a timely payment in a simple store. A single charge will be generated for all products or services purchased by the cardholder.

This form of payment is integrated in our store / shop in shop.climapower.cl where it is automatically when buying directly from our E-Commerce.


We have a Transbank POS system, a mobile device, where you can pay directly in the field of the service provided, or in our offices, under a secure and supported payment method, allowing you to carry out transactions with a Credit/Debit/Prepaid card.