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It will be a necessary requirement for the purchase of products and / or services offered on the website www.climapower.cl/shop, the acceptance of these conditions and registration by the user. These Terms and Conditions shall be understood to be known and accepted by the mere fact of registration.


The user will have all the rights recognized by the legislation on consumer protection in force in the territory of Chile and also those granted in these terms and conditions. The user will have at all times the rights of information, rectification and cancellation of personal data in accordance with Law No. 19.628 on protection of personal data. The mere visit of this site in which certain goods are offered and access to certain services does not impose any obligation on the consumer, unless he/she has expressly accepted, through his/her corresponding acceptance, the conditions offered by the supplier, in the manner indicated in these terms and conditions.



The data referred to in these terms and conditions will be used to validate purchase orders, improve the work of coordinating shipments and sending information, offers and promotions by the company. They can only be delivered to subsidiaries or related companies, in no case will be transferred to third parties. Such delivery will be revocable by the user. The client registered in www.climapower.cl, will have the right to request information of his registered data, to propose modifications and/or to cancel them when he considers it convenient, according to the expressed in the law N° 19.628.

The user assumes full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your password registered on this website, which will allow you to make purchases, request services and obtain information. Said password is for personal use and its delivery to third parties does not involve CLIMAPOWER's responsibility in case of misuse.




The prices of the products and services available in this site, while appearing in it, will only be valid and applicable in this site and will not necessarily be applicable to other sales channels used by the companies, such as the company's office, catalogs, other social networks or others.

Climapower.cl is not responsible for the information obtained from other Web sites that are accessed from our page through hypertext links or any other form. The presence of links to other sites from our site should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement by climapower.cl of such sites.


For the purchase to be considered effective, the customer must previously register and accept CLIMAPOWER's Terms and Conditions.

Any purchase shall be subject to the suspensive condition that CLIMAPOWER validates the transaction. Consequently, for any operation carried out in this site, the confirmation and/or validation or verification by CLIMAPOWER shall be a requirement for the formation of the consent.


To validate the transaction it shall be verified:


- Validation and acceptance of the means of payment offered by the customer.

- Validation of the receipt of the money.

- Availability of the products (stock) after the validation of the receipt of the money.

- The data recorded by the customer on the site must match those provided upon delivery of the product.



The scope of services does not include the following, except where otherwise stated in the quotation, service detail and/or TO respectively:


- Leak repair

- Warranties

- Lack of maintenance

- Third party intervention

- Natural disasters

- Gas, electricity and/or water supply cut-off

- Increase in water pressure and/or electrical voltage

- Among others



If CLIMAPOWER personnel arrive at your premises and are unable to enter, work, etc., the value of a VT will be charged/added accordingly.

It is assumed that the client has everything under regulation, such as electricity and gas, which must be respectively registered in the SEC.

Any inconvenience that may occur due to non-standard installations, CLIMAPOWER is exempted from legal, criminal and civil responsibility, and the client must be informed in OT and/or verbally so that he/she can correct the inconvenience.

In case there is no availability regarding the delivery of a service in a specific date or time, the customer will be contacted to offer an alternative available schedule, in case of acceptance, the service delivery will be scheduled. If the client does not accept, we will proceed with the cancellation of the purchase and restitution of the money.



The reception of the equipment(s) and/or service(s)/installation(s) must be done by the appropriate person at the time of completion/delivery;

Commissioning, induction and/or handover outside the specified time frame of the same day of the service/work to be performed is not considered.

If an induction and/or extra visit is requested at a later date for delivery outside the deadline, induction, training or other, an advance charge will be made as appropriate.

The company does not handle bulk product stock, so it is purchased according to each service/project respectively. We do not use used materials/products.

Do not confuse or mix items/specialties/areas with a specific service. Example;


- Boiler with Heating

- Warranty with Internal Problem (house/existing)

- Air Conditioning with Electricity

- Among others.


The following stipulations have NOT been considered in quotations and/or estimates (if applicable), otherwise they should be quoted as additional:


- Hidden items;

o Any extra items that may appear in the installations (hidden or later) are not considered, whether they are inside walls, roofs, electrical connections that do not match, incorrectly sized pipes, among others.

o The above will be cause for a second quotation, which will not give the right to revoke the previous quotation, due to issues beyond our scope/responsibility.

- Damage;

o Due to causes beyond our reach and responsibility, there are possible minor damages in ceilings, walls, floors or others, where the repair is not contemplated (painting, change of floor, wood, etc.), if cleaning is included.

o Therefore, we always ask for the induction and details of the residents/clients to accompany us and indicate details to be taken into account.

- Cancellation of services and/or retraction;

o If the service/sale is retracted post Victo Bueno, purchase and/or respective payment (cancellation), the company will make the charge(s)/discount(s) as appropriate.

o Technical visits carried out on its premises (without discounts).

o Progress of services performed (to be evaluated by the company according to the progress of the work and / or number of personnel involved in the respective times. No discounts)

o Purchase of supplies (equivalent to one technical visit for each day of purchase).

o General and/or administrative expenses (equivalent to 10% of the total amount charged).





Compact equipment, equipped with a heat source where water is heated and that can have several applications.



System and/or set of devices that form a closed circuit and serves to heat a place/premises, which works based on a boiler, heat pump, among others.



System and/or electromechanical equipment that provide artificial air to totally or partially supply the ventilatory function (extraction and/or injection) of an enclosure.



System and/or equipment that allows to vary the temperature (hot and/or cold air) to air condition a particular place/enclosure. Also to ventilate and dehumidify.



System and/or equipment that provides us with electrical voltage (Volt) to power equipment, according to a maximum consumption (Amperes) enabled by electric company and/or Electric Boards.



System and/or equipment that provides us with electrical voltage (Volt) for equipment power supply, according to a maximum consumption (Amperes) enabled by electric company and/or Electric Boards.



Components and/or equipment that are installed to complement a particular system, be they: pumps, valves, radiators, thermostats, remote controls, batteries, electrical panels, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, among others.



Products and/or equipment installed in your premises that are part and/or complements of a system, which are not guaranteed for any explicit intervention and/or attached to the services performed. If the customer requests intervention, repair and/or any service on stock and it is found to be defective, it is the total and sole responsibility of the customer. It is always suggested to change equipment/products/other that look deteriorated and/or very old.