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Technical Visit Services007 (House/Department)

Reference: VT007


Do you have a problem with your boiler or furnace?

Do you need someone to come to your home but after office hours? Here is the solution:

ANWO S.A. puts at your disposal a partner company (CLIMAPOWER Limitada) that will be able to attend your boiler or heater requirements (see description).




Do you have a problem with your boiler or heater?

Do you need someone to come to your home but after office hours?

Here is the solution:

ANWO S.A. puts at your disposal a partner company (CLIMAPOWER Limitada) that will be able to attend your boiler or heater requirements between 18:30 to 00:00hrs. from Monday to Friday (except holidays), and from 9:00 to 00:00hrs. weekends and holidays, within the metropolitan region.

The partner/installer company will go to your home to perform the Technical Visit Services007 and see the diagnosis of the fault and / or repair it, provided that it lies in the boiler or heater.   If the fault is in the heating system (outside the boiler), and depending on the type, it can be solved at the time, otherwise, if it is a major issue that may exceed the deadline for attention, it should be scheduled the next business day during office hours for coordination, quotation, availability, among others.

The referential value of the after hours service (Technical Visit Services007) is $150,000 (c/VAT).   This service must be deposited to CLIMAPOWER Limitada before performing this service.   If the company has not received the corresponding payment, the service will not be performed respectively.


After hours visit

Labor for boiler or water heater repair.   Does not include heating system (Radiators, Radiant Floor, Thermostats, among others).

It does not include spare parts or maintenance.   The company may have new spare parts, and if these are in stock, they must be charged before opening the spare part respectively.

If the solution requires more time and coordination for the repair, the value of the visit will be credited to the budget for the total repair (as long as your heater or boiler has not been operational).



Spare parts

Among others not mentioned

CLIMAPOWER counts on telephone advice from ANWO technical specialists for any doubt or consultation.

If your boiler is within the warranty period, we suggest that you request this service from the company that performed the installation.


The intention and purpose of this service is to solve the customer's problem, but there is the possibility that the problem is bigger, which will lead to a later quotation, including maintenance, spare parts and/or labor if necessary.

The schedule may be irregular, but will go to your home as agreed.


To schedule you must make the prepayment respectively.

Upon receipt of payment, we will contact you to proceed with the Technical Visit Services007.

As soon as we receive the payment, or you notify us (attaching proof of payment and confirming the transaction), at that moment, we will manage the agenda, availability and arrangements in this regard (before it will not be possible to schedule or manage).

Remember that when making the transfer, you must put your name/address and our email contacto@climapower.cl to receive proof of payment and start scheduling after hours.

The sector, room or enclosure where the equipment is located must be clear, without obstacles, bicycles, things in disuse or others.   If the specialist arrives and the sector is obstructed, he/she must leave your facilities and reschedule (for which a traditional technical visit will be charged for time, mobilization, agenda, etc. of the specialist at your home).

The quotations (post-visit) have a minimum delay of 48hrs. and a maximum of 5 working days, average/approximately.

Due to sanitary contingencies, we may have inconveniences, delays and/or failures in schedules, as well as the breakdown of stock of materials, spare parts and equipment by our suppliers, so we ask for your maximum understanding.

If your service was not carried out on the scheduled date/time, it will be automatically transferred to the next working day in order of scheduling, emergency, etc.

For change of agenda (day/time), it must be with 48hrs. in advance... otherwise we will charge the value of Traditional Technical Visit for loss of quota/agenda (reservation of quota).

For agenda cancellation (service retraction), it must be 72hrs. in advance... otherwise, a Traditional Technical Visit fee will be charged for loss of agenda (reservation of space).

It is always recommended to read terms and conditions in our Web Site before making a service/agenda.

For security reasons, before making payment, please confirm minimum details with the assistant (Phone, WhatsApp and/or e-mail).

Value of the Technical Visit is immovable.

Value of Technical Visit Services007 is Offer for Natural Person (only ticket).

Exclusive Service for the Metropolitan Region


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